The Garage is located on Sauchiehall Street with a one-way approach from Charing Cross. Depending on the event, entry may be from the main entrance or the G2 door in our private car park.

The Garage venue has limited wheelchair accessibility via the rear of our venue on Renfrew Street, located directly across from McLay’s Guest House and adjacent to Singl-End Café (see map below). This door allows customers direct access into The Garage. Due to noise restrictions we can only open the door before and after the gig or risk upsetting our neighbours.

To reach the venue from the main entrance on Sauchiehall Street, customers must climb multiple flights of stairs (see below).

If you would like arrange access via Renfrew Street, please contact Please arrive 10 minutes before doors open and a member of staff will greet you. If you have issues gaining entry, please phone 0141 332 1120 (option 4). Please note, the venue is very large and the manager may not be in the office so we recommend that you phone prior to your arrival. Please be aware that if you are late, we will be unable to open the stage doors.

If you are cold on arrival, please ask a steward or manager for some of our adhesive heat patches.


We have two options for seating in the main hall depending on your requirements:

  • Raised Platform
  • Balcony

Please be aware that you may need to share booths with other customers at busy gigs.

To reach the raised platform, customers are required to climb two steps or use the ramp which is brought out at the start and end of the gig. We apologise that when the hall is full, the ramp cannot be brought, limiting accessibility.

Please note that the ramp cannot be brought out if wheelchair users need to use the toilet as there is not enough space. If you are a wheelchair user who will need to regularly use the bathroom we would recommend that you avoid the platform unless you are comfortable with your essential companions from lowering you platform. Additionally, the bar is inaccessible to wheelchair users who are on the platform.

If you are a wheelchair user who plans to be seated on the platform, we recommend that you bring two essential companions to accompany and assist you. Essential companions may enter free of charge, please refer to the section on companions below for more information.

If you are a wheelchair user who remains on the main floor, please be aware that the venue will be busy and that your view will be limited. We apologise that our facilities are not better equipped at this time.

To reach the balcony, customers must climb a staircase (see below). Please note the view of the stage may restricted from the booths if seated. The balcony booths are ideal for customers who require additional space yet are mobile enough to climb up and down stairs when required. Please contact to arrange a booth.

Accessible Toilet

There is a gender-neutral, accessible toilet in The Garage located in the hallway outside Main Bar. Radar keys are not required as it is unlocked before any gig/ event. There is a step up into the gendered toilets on the main floor.

During gigs, the route to the accessible toilet is closed off for production equipment. If you need to use our accessible toilet, please notify a steward who will guide you there. We apologise that due to the structural layout of the building, there is not another accessible route to the bathroom.

During club hours, the route to the accessible toilet is open via the Main Bar. If it is locked, please contact a steward to unlock it.

18+ GIG

Strictly over 18’s. Please bring ID. Management reserve all rights.

14+ GIG

Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult. Please bring ID. Management reserve all rights.



Entrance – Cloakroom


Entrance – The Garage


Floor – Raised Platform


Floor – Balcony


The Garage - Entrance Staircase
The Garage - Staircase
The Garage Balcony Staircase
The Garage Wheelchair Accessible Toilet

G2 is a wheelchair accessible venue via the G2 entrance. Customers should be dropped off outside Lord of Fries on Sauchiehall Street and make their way up our lane, indicated with The Garage sign G2 painted on the road.  Please arrive at the door 5 minutes before doors open to find adequate space in the hall.


There is an gender-neutral, accessible toilet in G2 located in the hallway at the bottom of the staircase. Radar keys are not required as it is unlocked before any gig/ event or there is a steward on hand to unlock it for you. During club hours, please contact a steward to unlock the toilet.


We have booths that run down the side of half of the hall. Spaces in booths can be reserved if you can’t stand for the duration of the gig. Booths are not suitable for wheelchair users as they are too small and raised onto a step. Please contact to arrange a booth.

G2 Car Park Entrance
G2 Car Park
G2 Wheelchair Accessible Entrance
G2 Wheelchair Accessible Hallway
G2 Wheelchair Accessible Toilet

We apologise that The Attic is not wheelchair accessible venue as it is located on the top floor. As this is a small venue, the only seating available is located out of view of the stage.

The entrance to The Attic is in the G2 car park. Customers should be dropped off outside Lord of Fries on Sauchiehall Street and make their way up our lane, indicated with The Garage sign and The Attic painted on the road.

Essential Companion Tickets

We aim to facilitate an equal experience for all patrons, therefore deaf and disabled patrons may be accompanied by an essential companion free of charge. If you are requesting an essential companion ticket, please email at the time of booking.

The following forms of copied evidence makes a customer automatically eligible for an essential companion ticket:

– Front page of DLA / PIP
– Front page of Attendance Allowance letter
– Evidence that registered severely sight impaired
– Recognised Assistance Dog ID card
– Credability’s Access Card (only cards with the +1 Essential Companion symbol will be accepted)

For those who can’t provide the recommended evidence, we will review each application on a case-by-case basis.


We are working on making The Garage an autism-friendly venue.  For many people, nightclubs and live music venues can be overwhelming, loud, crowded, bright and unpredictable. To minimise challenges, we welcome daytime visits to help guests familiarise their surroundings.  If a quiet place is required to help a guest unwind, please notify a steward who will take you to our First Aid room, located on the ground floor.

We offer sensory bags, which can be borrowed for the event, free of charge. These contain ear defenders/ earplugs, a stress ball and a sunflower lanyard to discreetly identify hidden disabilities to our staff. Please email to reserve a bag as we have limited numbers.

Temperature Regulation

We understand that some of our customers need to stay warm for medical reasons, therefore we have adhesive heat patches available. If you wish to request some, please email or ask a Steward/ Manager on the night.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome at The Garage, but please be aware that noise levels are high.

Please notify us if an assistance dog will be accompanying you. We do not take responsibility for any assistance dogs and ask that the dog remains with the owner. Please note that dogs attending The Garage must be registered guide dogs, therefore appropriate ID must be shown on behalf of the dog.

Strobe Lighting

Strobe lighting and other special effects are often used during performances. If you have any questions please contact us.

Medical Requirements

Please notify us ahead of arrival of any medical items you require to prevent any security related concerns via Please ensure that prescription medication is in its original packaging.

Hidden Disabilities

We recognise the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower. Customers with Additional Needs/Hidden Disabilities can wear a lanyard to make our staff aware of hidden disabilities. If you plan on wearing a lanyard, please email

Accessibility Enquiries

Please contact and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Accessibility Feedback

If you would like to leave us some feedback, please email or leave a review on Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor or Euan’s Guide.