We have club nights on 7 nights a week, 365 days a year! Depending on the night, we can have all 6 rooms open playing chart, dance, house, nostalgia, indie, hip hop and R’n’B!

Read on to find out about our weekly club nights at The Garage Glasgow.


Monday nightclub glasgow clubnight

Chart, house, rock, indie and pop punk in G2 with DJ Robin B

Beer pong competitions!

Visuals / Facepainting / Beer Pong
Drinks from £1

DOORS || 11pm – 3am
ENTRY || £4/3


tuesday nightclub glasgow the garage club

DJ Jimmy Eleven playing the finest chart and remixes in Main Hall!
DJ Davey Davidson with all our favourite nostalgia and cheesey classics in Desperados Bar!

Bouncy castle fun!

Bouncy Castle!
Drinks from £1

DOORS || 11pm – 3am
ENTRY || £4/3


wednesday clubnight nightclub

DJ Garry Garry Garry in G2 with Chart Remixes, along with Beer Pong Competitions all night.

Glitterati Cocktail – £2.50

DOORS || 11pm – 3am
ENTRY || £4/3


Charts and house remixes with DJ Ross MacMillan

Bouncy Castle // Cocktail Buckets

this is america thursday nightclub glasgow

This is America
Classic RNB and Hip-Hop jams with DJ Naeem in Desperados Bar
Kanye West, J Cole, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Post Malone, Childish Gambino, Aaliyah, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and so much more!
Uncle Sam Bombs – £1.50 (Blueberry Schnapps & Cranberry)

riot pop punk club night glasgow

Weekly Riot!
Emo/ Pop Punk in the JD Attic with Deathwish! Beer Pong too!
Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic at The Disco, Blink-182, Paramore, Good Charlotte, Green Day and more!
Riot Bombs – £1.50 (Buckfast & Orange)

DOORS || 11pm – 3am
ENTRY || £4/3


friday club night glasgow

Chart, house and the freshest beats in main hall with DJ Craig Guild! DJ Ray Woods in G2 spinning all the best hip hop and RNB beats! DJ Nicola Walker providing a time warp of the classic cheese and nostalgia in Desperados Bar

Drinks from £1.50

DOORS || 11pm – 3am
ENTRY || £6/4


glasgow night club saturday

Biggest clubbing and chart anthems in main hall with DJ Darren Donnelly. Finest hip hop and RNB beats in G2 from DJ Craig. Nostalgic jams in Desperados Bar with DJ Chris Moody and Rock and indie requests in the Attic by DJ Div.
Shooter Bar open with all shots £2

Drinks from £1.50

DOORS || 10.30pm – 3am
ENTRY || £7/5


glasgow sunday nightclub night out club

DJ Ciar McKinley playing all the best nostalgia and chart anthems!
Beer Pong Competitions

Drinks from £1.50

DOORS || 11pm – 3am
ENTRY || £4/3